Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catching up

Hi guys... so this post is a little longer in coming than I would have liked. I was planning on writing this on Friday but the internet was down most of the day and I suspect the forest fires that we have burning across the lake are to blame. Yes, last Saturday we had a wicked lightening storm pass through the area and now our little corner of the world is filled with smoke and haze as there are a number of fires burning in Eastern Washington. We aren't in any immediate danger or anything so no worries there. 

Also, my mom was released from the hospital on the 5th and I have been staying with her and helping with her home care. Unfortunately there isn't an internet connection out there so I'm feeling pretty cut off from my little online world right now. I have been reading a lot but the situation hasn't been very conducive to card making. Though now that I've finished The Night Circus, which is completely wonderful, magical and amazing by the way, I'm thinking about packing up my Copics and seeing what I can get colored in the evenings. Then who knows, I may actually be able to make a card or two. I'm not making any promises on that though, not even to myself, as my creative mojo has been on a major hiatus through everything that I have going on. 

So posts here will most likely remain sporadic for the time being. Believe me, I still love stamping, coloring and making cards but until my life calms back down a bit this just has to be put on the back burner. It makes me sad to admit that but a shift in priorities is a must right now. Hope you all understand and I'll keep in touch. :)


Supply list:
cardstock- Bazzill
paper- My Mind's Eye (Fun Day)
stamps- Hero Arts and Fancy Pants
ink- Memento tuxedo black and Colorbox dark brown
paper crimper
My Favorite Things star trio die
Candi Dots


Unknown said...

This is a wonderful card, Amy!

Glad everything is okay.

I totally understand the priority thing. These days, I have been blogging less and less and it's not that I don't love stamping/card making anymore. Kids come first. :)

Yup, get some coloring done in the meantime. Those will come handy once you are able to create like before again.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Julie D. Richards said...

It's wonderful to see a post from you, but by no means should you worry about it. You have much bigger priorities right now. Just know you and your mom are in our thoughts and our prayers and only wish the best for you.

Heidi Brawley said...

Oh so glad to hear from you today. Was wondering what was going on. I have checked in here all week long. Tonight I am finally getting on the internet and super happy to see ya post today. So happy for your mom to be released. I miss seeing your wonderful creations every day. But totally understand your priorities. So happy your mom is around!!!! Will still keep yall in my prayers. Fabulous card too!!! lots of hugs!!!!! Heidi

Mette said...

Pleased to hear that your mom is back home sweetie. We miss your little cards but totally understand that your mom comes first.
Just letting you know that I am thinking of you and sending you and your family lots of happy wishes.

Hugs, Mette

Rhonda Miller said...

What a great card.

I hope they get the fires out soon and you get your internet back. I'm glad to hear your mom is home.

Mimi said...

oh such a cute card Amy!
so happy to hear the great news about your mom! shifting priorities around is how we keep life in balance. so take your time to work things out, and i'm sure your mom really appreciates you being there for her! hope you have a wonderful week! ;D

Kristie W. said...

so glad to hear your mom was finally released!!! I know that must be a huge relief for you. A shift in priorities is natural and understandable in your situation. Your readers will still be here when you get life back to normal :-)

P.S. Love the card! Sometimes its nice making cards with no coloring :)

Cami said...

Hi Amy. This is wonderful news that your Mom is at home. Don't worry about blogging...Mom comes first and we'll still be here. Your card is so pretty and I love the fall colors. I'm liking the "no stamping/coloring" cardmaking right now. Life suddently got so hectic for us so I've been MIA. Take care of Mom, and yourself, too!

Tina said...

Hi Amy,

So happy to hear Mom is home and doing well. I hope the fires stay away! I so know how it feels when life takes unexpected turns and priorities shift. I've been working non-stop for the last 28 days and have had no time for crafting, let alone anything else. We all will be here patiently waiting, take your time! Hugs, tina

Marcy L said...

glad to hear your mom is doing well Amy and that you can be there of her! Like everyone else said.....we will all be here when you get back!

RiNNE said...

Hi Amy,

Life is so full of ups and downs, but I'm so happy to hear that your mom is back home! I hope that you are also taking care of yourself as the job of a caretaker is so physically and emotionally draining! Just take it one day at a time. I remember there was a few months when I didn't create or blog and it was because I was so tired from my second pregnancy and so busy w/ my toddler. And you said that things happen and sometimes a break is necessary to go on with your life. And so I'm saying it to you as well. We totally understand. We miss you and are glad to hear from you, but you should take care of your mom and yourself. I, for one, am jealous that you are reading as my list of books are growing, wishlisf that is!! Awesome card. Btw!!

Jas said...

Hi Amy, glad to hear that your mom is out of the hospital. I hope everything will be ok and take care of yourself too. As always your card is beautiful.
Hugs Jas