Monday, June 22, 2020

Something sweet...

Good morning! 

Last night The Greeting Farm released yet another digital set in its innovative series of fantastic build-a-scenes... Bakery Cafe! This awesome builder set has everything you need to start creating fun eateries and shop scenes from coffee house to bakery to sandwich/sub shop. Of course this pairs wonderfully with the Food Truck set to expand into even more kinds of restaurants and gathering places. With so many creative options to take I once again found myself creating multiple cards using Bakery Cafe.

First up I created a cute coffee house filled to the brim with special blends and fancy teas. The lovely Anya from the Fight Cancer set became a sweet barista when I quickly colored in the wispy bangs of a cute pixie cut beneath her kerchief. The long shelves displaying the coffee and tea merchandise were borrowed from the Build-a-Living Room set.    

Next there was no getting away from creating a sugary sweet bakery scene. Claire Anya became my talented baker and shop owner while I grabbed one of the newer Back 1 digis to be her customer. I don't know about you but I would have a hard time choosing which sweet treat to indulge in. ;)
I also created a clean and modern looking sandwich shop where RN Anya has turned in her scrubs for an apron and she is happily serving this Baldy Ian a delicious fresh made meal for him to enjoy.
Finally, I was inspired to leave the world of retail behind and instead use some of the Bakery Cafe items to create this adorable father/son bonding moment as they sit and enjoy a nice lunch together at the cabin. Both father and son are from the Baldy Ian set while the window is part of the Build-a-Bedroom set. The pup running around looking for scraps is from the Take a Hike clear set and I love how he completes this sweet familial scene. 

Now I can't wait to see all the cards you gals create with the new Bakery Cafe set. :)