Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well this is a surprise!

Imagine my shock when I went to the amazingly talented Traci's blog this morning and saw that she had chosen me as one of her five to pass this award onto... I truly didn't believe my eyes. She couldn't possibly mean my little noob of a blog... but she did, and I am honored that she thinks that much of my little corner of the web. At least I know I must be doing something right in all of this! :)
Thanks Traci! You made my day!

Now it is my turn to pass this badge onto five blogs that inspire me. I am embarrassed to admit that being so new to all of this blogging stuff I'm only going to have three since some of who I would list have already been given the badge... Traci being one of them.

So here are three gals that I have come to check their blogs daily and thoroughly enjoy reading and seeing their creations:


If you haven't checked them out yet I highly recommend it, there is a whole lot of inspiration there! :)

ETA- Oops... I just noticed that Traci gave one to Sandra too, oh well... it looks like Sandra is gettng a lot of love today! :)