Saturday, June 18, 2022

Vintage beach beauties...


Hi friends!

There's a new digital release at Sweet November Stamps today and the Vintage Beauties are back, ready to spend long summer days at the beach. There are four Vintage Beach Ladies sunning themselves in the sand; Monica, Martha, Amelia and Bethany plus the Beach Hut background builder set.

My first card finds the lovely Monica resting on the stairs of one of the Beach Huts that I cropped and enlarged. She has just changed into her bright new swimsuit and now she can't help but show off a little bit.

Next, I colored Martha as she tans herself under the summer sun. All three of the beach huts can be seen off in the distance behind her. You can find the short coloring reel of this card over on my Instagram or watch the longer speed coloring video over on our Sweet November Stamps YouTube channel if you're interested. :)  


Finally, I colored up Amelia who is resting on the beach after a brisk swim in the waves. In the distance you can see the silhouettes of a lighthouse and sailboat, which I borrowed from the Horizon Lines: Ocean Beach set. They are small additions but they do a lot to help set the scene. :)

Now be sure to check out the Friends of Sweet November Stamps group on Facebook for even more Vintage Beach Ladies from Caitlin, Faye and Amanda. And don't forget, I will be coloring Bethany Live today at 11am PST over on my Adventures in Coloring with Amy Facebook page and I hope to see ya there!

You can also find us on Instagram @sweetnovemberstamps and don't forget to use the #sweetnovemberstamps any time you share a card or project using SN images so we can see all of your beautiful makes!