Sunday, May 10, 2020

Celebrating indoor activities with TGF...

Hello there!

The Greeting Farm continues to release amazing new digital stamp sets and I'm playing catch up today with a few cards that have been printed out and sitting on my desk waiting to be colored up. First up are a couple of scenes I put together using the new Build-a-Craft Room set. I actually had a lot of fun coloring this card during a Live last week. I really wanted to show how you can use not only the sitting and/or rear facing digi characters with this desk because it is easy to grab a standing character, like this pretty 2020 Girls Anya, and tuck her behind the desk with the bottom half of the office chair from the Desktop set filling in the space beneath. Now it looks like Anya is actually using her Misti to stamp up a card. :)  

My second Build-a-Craft Room card I did use the rear seated Anya from the Desktop set and built a different configuration for this happy little colorist. I have to admit that this may or may not be decked out in my dream craft room colors, LOL!   

Next up we have the Movie Night set. Once again I wanted to share the versatility in showing them enjoying their favorite shows both from the front and the back. Both the 2020 Boy and 2020 Girl that I used here are standing characters but because the set comes with this great lap blanket you can easily layer it right over them and make it look like they are snugged down on that couch. And how cool is it that she even looks like she is reaching for more popcorn, LOL!

And finally I gave them a nice big plasma TV to enjoy and really had a blast playing with light and dark to create the illusion of them sitting in a dark room with only the television to provide its glow on them. It looks like a pretty perfect night if you ask me, especially since she appears to have power over the remote control. ;)

I will be back tomorrow with even more TGF goodness so until then, stay crafty my friends!


Danni said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!! Such amazing scenes! You truly are the master of scene cards! Love them and I might try to start making some scene cards after seeing all your inspiration!

Christine Dol said...

I agree with Danni! WOWZERS!

Fikreta said...

stunning cards!