Monday, September 7, 2020

Build-a-Laundry Room and Chore Day Anya!


Hello friends! 

Who is ready for the latest addition to the build-a-room series of digital stamp sets
at The Greeting Farm? Today we are actually adding three new sets, Build-a-Laundry Room, Chore Day Anya and Backs 3! Not only are they all designed to work perfectly together but of course they are great new additions to mix and match with the previously released digi sets as well.

For my first card I paired this cute Chore Time Anya with a bunch of the builder pieces to create a well appointed laundry room for her to live in. Only the plant was brought in from the Bay Window set, everything else is from the new Build-a-Laundry. Even the cute kitty is a fun new addition and I just had to pop him on the stack of freshly folded clothes because one of my own kitties loves to snuggle on warm clothes fresh from the dryer. :)

My second card uses the other Chore Day Anya and this time she is getting ready to clean the kitchen. The sink is new with the Build-a-Laundry but the fridge was brought in from the Build-a-Kitchen set. I don't know about you but she looks way more excited about cleaning than I ever feel. Maybe I can get her to come take care of my kitchen while she has all her supplies handy, LOL!    

And finally, the two cuties from the Backs 3 set with their kerchiefs and adorable pig tails are hanging laundry out to dry together. The laundry lines where created by rotating the floating shelf that comes in the Build-a-Laundry set vertical and adding them to the pre-made laundry lines that come in the set. As cute as these two are getting their chores done I'm also excited to use them both in other types of scenes because they can totally look like they are waving hello or goodbye. 

And if that wasn't enough for ya, previews for September's clear stamp release begin tomorrow... woohoo! So much fun stuff happening at The Farm!


Sort it out supply list:
cardstock- Lawn Fawn and Copic X-Press It
digital stamps- The Greeting Farm (Bay Window set, Build-a-Laundry set and Chore Day Anya set)
My Favorite Things A2 stitched rectangle stax set 2
Sharpie extra fine white pen
Copic markers:
skin- E33, E35, E27, BV13
hair- T6, T9, T10
clothes- V01, V12, V15, V17, G20, YG11, RV55, W00, W1, W3
wall- B41, B52, B95
folding table/stack of whites/machines- N8, N10, E50, E31, E53, E55, C00, C2, C4, C6, C9, T2, T4, T6, 0, R05, FBG2, BG18, YG17
laundry baskets/clothes- N0, N1, N2, N4, YG11, G43, YG45/ BG45, BG78, R24, R29, R89, YR04, Y17, YR07, YR18, B95, B97, B99, R81, R83, R85, BG53, BG57, B16, B37, YG01, YG03, YG95, YG99, Y13, Y18, RV06, RV09, RV99, RV66, Rv69, BV02, BV34, BV04, BV25, BV29, RV29, V99, YR15, YR27, R22, R32, R17, R46, R56, YR15, YR07, Y17
detergents/basket- Y11, Y13, Y15, YG01, YG13, YG07, G07/ RV02, RV23, RV25, V01, V12, V17/ Y11, Y13, Y18, YR04, Y35/ E25, E29, E49
plant- YG03, YG67, G29, C3
kitty- E50, E41, Y32, YR14, E93, E99, E04 

Wipe that frown supply list:
cardstock- My Favorite Things and Copic X-Press It

digital stamps- The Greeting Farm (Build-a-Laundry set, Chore Day Anya set and Build-a-Kitchen set)
My Favorite Things A2 stitched rectangle stax set 2
Sharpie extra fine white pen

Copic markers:
skin- E000, E00, E11, E04, R00, R20
hair- E15, E39, E27, E29
clothes- W1, W2, W3, W5, N0, N1, N2, Y13, Y15, Y18, 100, R05, R17, R89
fridge- 0, C00, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, 100
mop/broom/dust pan- E33, E57, E47, E81, E84, YG13, G07, G29, Y02, YR23, YR24, E39
sponge- Y02, Y06, Y18, G07
spray bottle- R05, R17, R89, C00, C2
floor- Y11, Y21, Y26, C1, C2, 0
sink/window/cabinets- G43, BG96, BG99, YG21, YG03, G94, BG000, B00, BG02, G46, G28,

Loads of fun supply list: 

cardstock- My Favorite Things and Copic X-Press It
digital stamps- The Greeting Farm (Build-a-Laundry set and Backs 3 set)
Trinity Stamps slimline stitched die
Sharpie extra fine white pen

Copic markers:
skin 1- E33, E25, E27
hair- YR23, YR24, E19, E47, E49
clothes- E40, E81, 0, Y11, Y08, BV02, RV21, RV14, RV29
skin 2- E21, E11, E04
hair- E50, E51, E43, E55
clothes- B91, B93, B97, YR04, YR18, E40, E81, 0, YR27, Y15, YG23, YG17, RV21, RV14
sky- B000, B00, B12, 0
ground- YG21, YG03, YG25, Yg17, YG63, G94, E42, E43, E44
trees- G43, YG63, G46, G99, YG67, YG99, YG25, YG95, YG99
clothes lines- E34, E87, E89
laundry baskets- N1, N3
kitty- E40, E31, E35, E93, E04, W6
laundry- V04, V15, V09, G00, G02, G16, B04, B16, B39, YR30, YR31, YR16, YG23, YG17, BG09, BV23, BV25, BV29, RV00, RV11, RV23, R83, R56, R89, Y02, Y17, W2, W3, T7, 100, RV02, RV06, RV09, Y38, YR18



Claire said...

Fabulous. What fun new releases

Kristen said...

I love The Greeting Farm stamps. They are so adorable, and so are your cards! Thanks for sharing. I always love looking at your designs.

Fikreta said...

amazing cards!