Sunday, July 24, 2022

More time in the garden...


Hi friends!

So yesterday we opened the Vault at Sweet November Stamps and brought back the industrious Garden Girls, newly updates and in digital form. Adele, Tilly, Myra and Elsie are the four sweeties getting their grow on and I've got two more cards to share to round out the collection.

First we find Garden Girl Elsie watering some plants in her vegetable garden. Elsie knows that even though all things grow with love, a little water now and then certainly doesn't hurt either. LOL! ;)

My last Garden Girl card was colored during my Live over on the Adventures in Coloring with Amy Facebook page. Garden Girl Myra is using her walnut wheelbarrow to transfer some of her prize flower buds to a knew field. In the distance you can see the rows and rows of summer blooms that Myra keeps in tip top shape. I have to thank my wonderful viewers who joined me for this Live and gave all the suggestions that lead to this beautiful landscape. I so enjoy how their creativity continues to push my own every single time we color together.  :)