Saturday, July 30, 2022

The magic of Summer Dragons...


Hello, hello!

It's the last weekend of the month and we've finally got a new digital release at Sweet November Stamps! I promise it is well worth the wait though, not only because the release today is super fun but because all that time was spent getting the next couple clear releases ready to go and I can't wait for y'all to see what's coming. We are still a few weeks away from the big clear release though so let me introduce you instead to the Summer Dragons digis.  :)

For my first card, I colored Errol who is busy toasting his own marshmallows while a couple of ant friends over on the tree stump are helping with the rest of the s'more ingredients. You can find the short coloring reel of this card over on my Instagram or watch the longer speed coloring video over on our Sweet November Stamps YouTube channel if you're interested. :)  

Next, we find Froyo who is hanging out under a shade tree, trying to enjoy a sweet and delicious ice cream cone but every time he opens his fire breathing mouth to take a lick, the ice cream immediately melts! How is a poor little dragon supposed to cool down if his treats disappear before he can eat them?

Finally, little Apalala has decided that the best way to cool down on a hot summer day is to simply jump into the closest body of water and go for a swim. For a dragon like herself, who is used to flying through the sky, coming eye to eye with a fish is a new experience.  :)

Now be sure to check out the Friends of Sweet November Stamps group on Facebook for even more Summer Dragon magic from Caitlin, Faye and Amanda, as well as our amazing guest designers, Danni Bindel and Lopez Perez Francisca. And don't forget, I will be coloring Live today at 11am PST over on my Adventures in Coloring with Amy Facebook page and I hope to see ya there!

You can also find us on Instagram @sweetnovemberstamps and don't forget to use the #sweetnovemberstamps any time you share a card or project using SN images so we can see all of your beautiful makes!