Thursday, March 21, 2019

Happy Easter...

Hey there! 

I've been sick as a dog all week but I finally think that I'm on the mend. My energy has been so zapped but luckily most of my cards for this week were already done and ready to be posted. These two were actually colored up last Saturday during my Live coloring videos in the 7 Kids Customers Create Facebook group when I was just starting to come down with this nasty cough. Yesterday I finally had the energy to get them on card bases and snap some pics so I would have a post for today. And it all works out with pretty good timing because I can remind everyone that the Sweet November Vault is only open for a couple more days. Come Saturday morning these Bunny Babies will be hopping back into the Vault for good. :)

Alrighty, I've got this one last day to rest up before heading back to work. Later gators!