Saturday, November 16, 2019

Time for the November Vault release!

Hello and welcome to this month's Sweet November Vault release. This is actually the last Vault release for 2019 as we will be taking December off since the middle of December gets crazy busy with all the usual holiday hoopla. So as a bit of a compromise we have brought back two separate sets of updated vintage SN images that will be available in the 7 Kids store through the end of this month. This weekend only we have bundle deals on each set that save you a bit of money if you've gotta have 'em all. Once December hits, back in the Vault they will go.
In 2013 Midnight, the Christmas Kitty set of rubber stamps was released introducing us to Mrs. Claus' new furry friend that she got to keep her company during Santa's busy day away. It may seem strange to name a snow white kitten Midnight, but being at the top of the world they see their share of midnight sunshine and Mrs. Claus has always had a sense of humor. And Midnight is quite mischievous, keeping Mrs. Claus and all those elves on their toes. They can't forget to hang the fragile glass ornaments higher on the trees otherwise Midnight is right there to bat and swat at the entertaining baubles until they fall and break. Oh and don't' even think about leaving wrapped packages out before Christmas eve because Midnight will waste no time tearing into those pretty papers just to play with the ribbons and hide inside the boxes. When she works up an appetite, Midnight will sneak into the kitchen looking for Santa's plate of cookies and glass of milk to pilfer. She may try to be careful but you just know that that milk will be all over the table before you can bat an eye. And when she finally gets a bit sleepy, Midnight heads into the bedroom but it isn't the bed she is looking for... nope, only one of Santa's extra hats will do for her to curl up and cat nap on. Despite all the trouble she gets into everyone in the workshop loves and adores this little Christmas kitty.

This trio of Angel Babies originally released as digital stamps all the way back in 2009. Looking at them now I can totally see they were a precursor to the Fairwees that would eventually join the SN family of characters. These sweet little cherubs delight in serenading everyone with their Christmas carols. Their heavenly voices spreading peace and goodwill to all that hear them.

Alrighty then, as usual we will be celebrating the release in the 7 Kids Customers Create facebook group all day today with chances to win free digis. I will also be doing Live coloring videos at 11am and 3pm PST so I hope to see you there!