Saturday, June 13, 2020

Just a little hello...

Hello again!

Are you ready for day two of the Stamping Bella summer release sneak peeks? We are continuing to make our way through showcasing all 35 of the new stamps that will be available in the store on Monday, the 15th. Today there is a darling pair of Tiny Townies and another new Oddball but the real stars of the show are all of the gnomes! These slightly rough and tumble characters are getting into all sorts of shenanigans, from tapping a beer keg to catching a ride high in the sky... I just hope it wasn't in that order! LOL

I have three cards to share today and this first one features Flying Gnome who has hitched a ride on the back of a buzzing bee. Together they are racing off to see how quickly they can pollinate that entire field of flowers down below. 

Next there is Gnome in a Tree. This shy guy is peeking out of his safe space to offer a quick greeting before ducking back inside. It looks like he has been social distancing before it was cool, LOL! 

And finally we have Beer Gnomes. These two have sneaked into the storage room of their local tavern and are making quick work of the beer they found there. I just hope they still have enough sense to get out of their before they pass out and get caught red handed! 

Now hop on over to the Bellarific Blog to see all of the amazing inspiration from my fellow Bellas and get yourself entered for a chance to win a gift certificate because I promise you are going to want it for this release!