Saturday, February 4, 2023

Back to the Dog Park...


Hello friends!

Today we are heading back to the Dog Park with this newest digital stamp release at Sweet November Stamps. Dog Park 2 introduces four new breeds to this ongoing collection with; Durango the Cattle Dog, Izzy the Great Dane, Suki the Doodle and Booker the Scottish Terrier

My first card features Durango, the Cattle Dog with his duck plushy that comes with him. Pups like Durango are working dogs but they still love to run and play so I colored him into a field of tall grass before fencing him in. If you are interested in watching this scene being colored you can find the short Reel over on my Instagram or there is also the longer speed coloring video that can be found on the Sweet November Stamps Youtube channel.

Next, I printed out the Great Dane, Izzy with her bone and proceeded to color her into a happy park scene. Izzy may look intimidating but she is just a gentle giant, happy to play with every dog she meets. 

Finally, I paired Suki, the Doodle with the home from the Sweet Easter stamp set to create this idyllic spring scene. Active and energetic, Suki spends her days running and playing and getting into all kinds of mischief.  :)

Now be sure to check out the Friends of Sweet November Stamps group on Facebook for even more Dog Park 2 cuteness from Caitlin, Faye, Allison, Amanda and Lisa. As well as our fabulous guest designer Helen van der Gaag. Don't forget, I will be coloring Booker Live today at 11am PST over on my Adventures in Coloring with Amy Facebook page and I hope to see ya there!

You can also find us on Instagram @sweetnovemberstamps and don't forget to use the #sweetnovemberstamps any time you share a card or project using SN images so we can see all of your beautiful makes!