Saturday, May 18, 2019

It's time for a Sweet November Vault release!

Today is the day we are opening up the Sweet November Vault at 7 Kids and reintroducing you to some classic SN images. We are continuing to celebrate MerMay this month by bringing back three of the original Sweet November mermaids that were originally released back in 2010. So for the next week Shimmer Redkelp, Bubbles Lostlagoon and Pearl Tidepool will be available in the 7 Kids store. :) 

First up is Shimmer Redkelp... most of the year Shimmer makes her home off of the Pacific Coast. She travels with her sea otter pal, Otto, to all the best kelp beds from Washington to California. Shimmer has a chill, laid back attitude and she is always up for a fun game of tag or hide and seek. And if you are ever driving up the Pacific Coast highway and see a flash and sparkle out on the water it just may be Shimmer waving a quick hello.
Next we have Bubbles Lostlagoon. What can I say... she's just a bit scattered and gets easily distracted on her journey, LOL! Bubbles is a ditsy, giggly, sweetheart of a girl who makes her home in the Caribbean where she travels from island to island with her octopus friend, Palu. Bubbles is a good times girl who loves to laugh (which I suspect is why she and Palu are BFF... no one can tickle quite like an octopus can)
And finally our last finned friend to arrive is Pearl Tidepool. Pearl has traveled all the way from the Indian ocean and her little pal, Seamoor decided to tag along. This fun loving pair of friends love to ride the currents and dance through the waves. Pearl is always the life of any undersea party... all the fish love her! It must be the hilarious jokes she always tells... fish just love to laugh, ya know!