Friday, March 1, 2019

Meet the Brownie Bunch...

Hello and welcome to the March Sweet November digital release at 7 Kids! This month we have a big release where we will introduce you to 6 new Brownie characters, their Build-a-Brownie-Hole scene building bundle as well as a lovely new unicorn that is FREE to all 7 Kids Customers Create Facebook group member for the next two days. 

This month we are traveling to peaceful secluded valley tucked away in the far reaches of Sweet November Land. Away from all the hustle and bustle, mischief and magic, we find the Brownies. The Brownies are miniature elf folk who love nothing more than puttering around their cozy hillside homes and spending quality time with each other. Many of the flashier inhabitants of Sweet November Land think that the Brownies are a bit too simple and steady but the Brownies know that the greatest magic happens with love, community and simple acts of kindness. 

As we meander the well kept paths through Brownie Village we find Clover and Bramwell busy gathering flowers from their prize winning flower garden just outside their Brownie Hole. They both believe that a beautiful bouquet is sure to cheer up anyone and bring sunshine to even the gloomiest of days.     
Further down the lane we run into Jonagold and Marigold. These two little Brownies know all the goings on in the valley and if you've got the time there is nothing they love more than to share all the latest news for hours on end. Did you hear that Mrs. Buttercup's goat had two kids yesterday? Or that old Mr. Pinenut nearly fell in the river while fishing this past weekend? Oh yes indeed, fascinating stuff I tell ya!
And at the last Brownie Hole we come to Fennel and Fern who are both resting after a long day of working in the market. Fennel runs the best stocked apothecary shop this side of Peregrine Mountain and Miss Fern is an herbalist who provides the shop with many of its more sought after ingredients. Fairy folk come from far and wide to trade with these two and they never leave disappointed. But all of that high demand makes them appreciate some time to themselves even more. 
As we make our way out of Brownie Valley we stumble across two more inhabitants of Sweet November Land who quickly remind us that March is upon us. Starla the unicorn with her glorious rainbow mane and tail is resting among a field of clover while little March Fairy Tot is busy hunting for her lucky four leaf clover... and it looks like she just found it! 

As always, this month's exclusive Fairy Tot digital stamp is only available to participants of the February Sweet November posting challenge. We know that sometimes it can be intimidating to put ourselves out there and share our creativity so these monthly Fairy Tots are our way of thanking everyone who plays along and shares the Sweet November love. If you missed out this month, no worries, just grab one of this month's images and join the fun in March to get your hands on next month's fairy. 
And don't miss out on all the fun and games and Live coloring videos I will be doing in the  7 Kids Customers Create Facebook group over the next two days as well, we would love to have you join us!