Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Build-a-Bathroom is here!

Good morning! 

Last night The Greeting Farm released yet another new installment in the awesome build-a-room series of digital stamp sets. This time around we got Build-a-Bathroom along with the Dress Up Bedtime set which gives us a cute Anya and Ian duo that not only work great in the bathroom but with the Build-a-Bedroom and Poolside sets as well.

For my first card I popped Dress Up Bedtime Anya into the shower with her towel wrapped around her. I had a lot of fun coloring up that pretty shower curtain and adding all the little shelves for her bath soaps and lovely smelling shampoos. The bath mat is actually borrowed from the original Porch set and the potted plant is from the Build-a-Living Room set while her slippers came from the Hello from Home set. That is the beauty of collecting these, you never know how the different accessory images will add to future sets and scenes with just a bit of creative thinking!  
My second card uses the tile background from the Poolside set as a wall, a bunch of different builder elements from the Bathroom set with the addition of that Porch mat again. But rather than have it be a nice relaxing scene I created a bit of chaos by coloring in a busted faucet for Handy Ian to repair. I bet he wishes he could relax, unwind and be pampered but none of that is happening until that sink is fixed and everything is cleaned up, LOL!  
Finally, while Handy Ian is busy toiling away, Dress Up Bedtime Anya and Ian have gone off to enjoy a relaxing spa day. The comfy loungers and fancy drinks come courtesy of the Poolside set and all I had to do was pop them on there in their fluffy terry cloth robes then color on rejuvenating facial masks and cool cucumbers on their eyes. They both look quite pampered don't you think?

And if all that wasn't enough, Marie has also added seven new large scripty digi sentiments as well. You can find those at the bottom of the what's new page in the store. ;)

Later gators!