Monday, May 8, 2023

I'll be there for you...



Good morning! 

Anyone here a fan of the classic sitcom Friends? If so, you are going to love the new digital stamp release at The Greeting Farm. The set is called, Just Friends and it includes six cute Beans styled to look like your favorite TV friends of the 90's. Also included in the set are five sentiments, the famous Central Perk couch, a coffee table and coffee mug, Phoebe's guitar and a bunch of balloons. Of course the first card I made had to be a long slimline featuring the entire gang hanging out at their favorite coffee shop. Rachel is waitressing while Phoebe sings one of her unique songs. 

I also made three simple cards pairing the Friends into couples so they were a bit bigger and easier to see. First up are Joey and Phoebe and it looks like he is trying out his go-to pick up line on her. Good thing she's become immune to his charms, LOL!

Next we have the forever on again, off again, they were on a break couple... Ross and Rachel. She's even sportin' the infamous Rachel hair-do!

And finally, we have Chandler and Monica. I'm not sure if we are catching them pre London or post London but either way... could they be any cuter?!  ;)

I hope you have as much fun watching some re-runs while crafting with these Friends as I did.  

Toodles!  :)