Saturday, May 28, 2022

Things are a bit Stabby, Bitey at Sweet November...


Hello there!

Every May we have added new mermaids that are accompanied by a sea dwelling critter friend to the Sweet November Stamps shop and this year is no exception. Our digi release this week is called Stabby, Bitey thanks to the animals that are showing up to say hello. There is; Skipper Openwater and Marlin, the swordfish, Wave Coralkeeper and Crikey, the saltwater crocodile and Flow Quickriver with Pip, Petey and Paolo, the trio of piranhas. We didn't stop there either... the somewhat disconcerting nature of these mermaid friends actually inspired a separate set of three Scaredy Fish that are quite funny when paired with their intimidating counterparts, LOL! 

My first card finds Skipper Openwater and one of the Scaredy Fish running into an excitable Marlin, the swordfish. Now, Marlin doesn't have a mean bone in his body but with a nose like his things can get a bit nerve wracking when he enthusiastically  swims about in close proximity to his pals. ;)

I also created a card where Wave Coralkeeper is reminding her pal Crikey, the saltwater croc, that this Scaredy Fish is a friend... not food! I imagined this delicate exchange taking place at the mouth of a river, right where it meets the sea. To help set that scene I also added the hollow log, rocks and kelp digis from the store.

Now be sure to check out the Friends of Sweet November Stamps group on Facebook for even more Stabby, Bitey mermaid fun from Caitlin, Faye and Amanda. We've also got two fabulous guest designers joining us this week; Christa Mulder and Amy Gould. Don't forget, I will be coloring Flow Quickriver Live today at 11am PST over on my Adventures in Coloring with Amy Facebook page and I hope to see ya there!

You can also find us on Instagram @sweetnovemberstamps and don't forget to use the #sweetnovemberstamps any time you share a card or project using SN images so we can see all of your beautiful makes!