Friday, June 9, 2023

Our Furry Friends release at CCC!


Are you team dog or team cat? LOL

Hello there!

Are you ready for a brand new Anita Jeram release at Colorado Craft Company? The new collection is called, Our Furry Friends and it features a mix of Anita's adorable dog and cat characters enjoying these warm, summer days. There are eight 4" x 4" stamp sets and one 2" x 3" mini, all with coordinating dies. To celebrate this release 3C is giving away a new stamp set from each stop on the hop, so the more you comment the more chances you have to win. Entries will be accepted until midnight eastern time on June 12th and winners will be randomly selected by 3C and announced on their blog June 14th. They are also doing a HUGE complete bundle giveaway to ONE lucky winner. To be entered for that all you have to do is use one of the designer's affiliate links when you place an order. Those links can be found on the 3C blog and will be included in one of their emails as well. In the mean time, here's the complete list of hop participants for you to check out:

Adrienne Kennedy CCC

Amy Tsuruta

Amy Young

Daniel West

Emily Midgett

Jenn Shurkus

Jennifer Kotas

Jessica Frost-Ballas

Kassi Hulet

Kelly Griglione

Kelly Taylor

Nancy Sheads

Sandy Allnock


Adam Karle

Jenn Gross

Joe Sysavath

Laura Inguz

Mansi Bhatia


As my family includes a number of both cats and dogs, there is no way I can be caught choosing sides. So to keep things fair, I've created three cards each for Team Dog and Team Cat to share on the ol' blog today. First up for Team Dog is a card featuring the hungry pup from the Stay Pawsitive set. The shaggy pup, bowl and bone are all individual stamps that I masked together into this rather tense scene. LOL 

Next we have this sweet pair of dogs from the Best of Me set. Again, they come as individual stamps, I simply stamped them nose to nose to create a cute moment. I also added a few wild flowers into the background using the older Greener Grass stamp set. 



Finally, for Team Dog, we have this playful pup from the Play Ball set. I believe the original intent of this stamp is that the dog is leaping into the air to get that ball but when I looked at him, I knew with just a simple shift in background perspective I could have him rolling in the grass instead. So I went about coloring from a bird's eye view, adding the trunk of a tree and some branches to provide shade for this happy-go-lucky guy. 


Moving on to Team Cat, I have a card using the Picnic Cats set. I didn't even have to use any of the little accessory images that are included because this entire scene comes as one large stamp. Being able to stamp once and have an entire card ready to color so quickly is really nice.  :)


 The next pair of kitties are from the Lift You Higher stamp set, and they are having so much fun playing on that swing. The sentiment on this card is actually one that I borrowed from the Play Ball set. That's actually another really great thing about this entire collection... so many mixing and matching opportunities.



Our final pair of kitties look like they are getting into some mischief. These two tree climbers make up the Team Cats stamp set and since they look to be sneaking up on that bird house, I thought it would be funny to add the birds from the Tiny Birds Worm mini set. No worries though, they are safely ensconced in a separate tree, growing just "off screen". 


So, whether you are Team Cat or Team Dog, you are certain to find some new stamps to fall in love with in this Furry Friends release. Enjoy the hop and good luck!

Dog bowl
supply list:
cardstock- Papertrey Ink and Catherine Pooler
stamps- Colorado Craft Company (Stay Pawsitive)
ink- Memento rich cocoa

Spellbinders hemstitch rectangle die

Copic markers:

bowl- R24, R27, R29, R89

bone- E40, E81, E84

floor- E40, E41, E42, E53, E55, E57, E31, E35, E23, E44, E47, E49

dog- W00, W1, W3, T7, T10, N3, N4, N5, N6, N9
wallpaper- E50, E40, 0, B52, B45


Dog kiss supply list:
cardstock- Papertrey Ink and Catherine Pooler
stamps- Colorado Craft Company (Best of Me and Greener Grass)
ink- Memento rich cocoa

Spellbinders hemstitch rectangle die

Copic markers:

little dog- E40, E41, E43, E30, E31, E34, W7, W9/V01, BV02, BV04

big dog- E50, YR30, Y32, E13, E35, E42, W7, W9/BG53, BG57, C2, C3

sky- B0000, B000, B00, B01, C00, C1, 0

grass/flowers- YG01, YG03, YG25, YG63, G43, G94/YG17, V01, V12, V15
hedge- YG13, G24


Dog in grass supply list:
cardstock- Papertrey Ink and Catherine Pooler
stamps- Colorado Craft Company (Play Ball)
ink- Memento rich cocoa

My Favorite Things mod stitched rectangle die

Sharpie extra fine white pen

Copic markers:

tree- E31, E35, E44, E55, E57, YG67, BG99

grass/dandelions- YG03, G43, YG25, YG63, G94/Y06, Y17

dog- E21, E15, E17, E79, E47, E49, E93
balls- Y35, YR04, E99, BG02, BG45, BG09, Y13, Y18

Cat picnic supply list:
cardstock- My Favorite Things and Catherine Pooler
stamps- Colorado Craft Company (Picnic Cats)
ink- Memento rich cocoa

Papertrey Ink Noted medium scallop die

Sharpie extra fine white pen

Copic markers:

sky- BG0000, BG000, BG01

cat 1- E50, E41, E42, YR21, YR23, YR24, E99, R21

cat 2- C1, C2, C3, C7, R21

grass- YG01, YG13, G46, G94

flowering bush- RV10, RV02, RV14
bushes- YG03, YG95, YG97, G46

plates of food- C2, C3/BG90, BG93, BG96/YG95/Y32, E23, E27, RV23

basket- E33, E35, YR23, R35, R37

drinks- V04, V05, V09, FV2/B12, B14
blanket- W2, W3, R43, R46


Cat swing supply list:
cardstock- Papertrey Ink and Catherine Pooler
stamps- Colorado Craft Company (Lift You Higher and Play Ball)
ink- Memento rich cocoa

Papertrey Ink Noted large scallop die

Sharpie extra fine white pen

Copic markers:

sky- B000, B52

cat 1- E40, E41, E31, E34, W4, W7, R21

cat 2- N0, N1, N3, N4, N6, R21

bushes- YG01, G43, G24

swing- E31, E43, E34
tree- E42, E43, E44, E23, YG00, YG13, YG67, YG63

grass- YG21, YG03, YG63, YG17, G94


Cats climbing supply list:
cardstock- My Favorite Things and Catherine Pooler
stamps- Colorado Craft Company (Team Cats and Tiny Birds Worm mini)
ink- Memento rich cocoa

Papertrey Ink Noted medium scallop die

Sharpie extra fine white pen

Copic markers:

sky- B000, B00, B01

tree- E53, E55, E57, E43, E44, YG00, YG06, G17, BG99

birdhouse- Y11, Y21, Y26, T7

top cat- E50, E40, E81, Y32, YR23, YR27, W6, W7/BG53, BG57
bottom cat- E40, E81, E70, E71, E74, E77, E79/Y02, Y18

birds- E50, Y00, Y11, YR30, YR31, YR23, C3, C5, W1

grass- YG01, YG03, G43, G24, YG63, G94
hedge- YG41, YG45, G43



Susan said...

OMG, what cute cards you have made! I especially like your creative use of the stamp showing the dog lying in the grass. The cat ones are amazing too, with such beautiful coloring.

Robin P. said...

I’m team cat but I do love your dog with the bone in his dish. Beautiful cards.

A.Rose said...

The coloring on these cards is amazing! Then you gave us all the supplies to try and create them ourselves! Thank you!

Natalie said...

Yay! Dogs! I love your dynamic coloring! My favorite is the dog with a bone in his bowl, his eyes say so much! Hee hee!

L said...

Since I have one of each, I'm on both teams.
I love the bright , cheery colors you chose for your cards!
Thanks for sharing.

stampinfun71 said...

omg I love how you made both - we all win to see these new designs and your scenes!!!! Just beautiful!

Marlene Chlebowski said...

The dog bowl project!������

So reminded me of our dog Sparky. Thank you.

I am so looking forward to playing with this cute release.

Susan D said...

Thank you for sharing the colors, so helpful. I am a cat person but the doggies are super cute!

Kat Nasevich said...

Wow! Absolutely stunning cards! I'm team cat, but the team dog cards are perfect,too! Thanks for giving all the info on making the cards.

just me said...

Such fun! Love the bold colors!

Kathy J in Ellicott City said...

OMG, you did a lot of coloring! The cards are fabulous!!!

Katherine said...

Oh I am on team dog but the cute critters in this release are great. Love your dog cards!!

jazzyscrapper said...

I absolutely love your card with the dog laying in the grass. We are definitely team cat here, one of them being a kitten. Imagine a toddler with very sharp claws, lol.

Angela L. said...

Love this whole new release but I am absolutely "ga-ga" over the doggy stamps!

Karen H said...

Your cards are amazing. I especially love the last one with the "team" kitties!

Sugar Land Scrapper said...

These are great cards. These stamps are great too!

Sandy Anderson said...

I am team dog, of course, and these new stamps are great! I love your cards! Your coloring is awesome.
Thank you for sharing.

Tracy said...

Wow these cards are simply amazing! I really love them. This release is going to put a big dent in my credit card lol

Christine said...

Normally I am team cat, but with her work??, I'm team Anita!!

Mary Holshouser said...

Like cats but have always had a dog.
Love the puppy cards - the one
staring at his bowl is darling.
Pairing the two sizes of dogs
was a wonderful idea. thanks
for sharing.

Bunny said...

I am team birds. Your coloring on all these cards is fantastic. I so LOVE the Stay Pawsative card you made. I would gladly take it as a prize. When I grow up I want to color just like you. I need to hurry because I just hit medicare age. [Bunny]

Joanne said...

Team dog here!
Your work is absolutely gorgeous!! Love the dog with the bone in his bowl and the cats on a picnic SO much! I hope to be able to color like this some day. Stunning.

SusieQ said...

I love Anita's art! She is so talented!! What cute cards! Thank you for sharing!!

Charlene said...

Love the stamps and how you’ve used them. Your coloring is amazing. We also have a dog and three cats so I appreciated you showing both sets.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, those are adorable!

Carol Wortman said...

Team dog owner, but team any furbaby says it better. Scratching his back in the grass is spectacular and perfect for my current pooch. Perspective is truly a talent! The eyes and coloring of hungry pup is gorgeous, reminds me of my 1st pup Missy very much! She stared at her bowl until I said okay until the day she passed on. AJ really brings back so many special moments with what seems effortless.

Tiny Paper Blossom said...

I am team dog, but I like cats also. These cards are so perfectly colored! Thanks for the Copic recipes.

MadeByMeghanK said...

DOG MOM HERE! I LOVE these dog stamps! Your coloring is incredible!

sharon g said...

I think I might be on the cat side a tiny bit more? I love both equally, though. I LOVE the picnicking kitties!

Ellen C. said...

I don't have any animals, so I won't choose sides, but I'm often making cards for animal lovers and this new release is awesome! I particularly like your "Good things come to those who wait card; it is beautifully colored, especially your dog. Thanks for sharing your Copic marker combos, too!

tscox said...

Wow, you did a LOT of work. I love the dog on the hardwood floor.

V. K. said...

I am a team player and love them all...dogs, cats, and birds. Your cards are fantastic!! I love the backgrounds in all of them and they are perfectly colored. Awesome!!!

Geri S said...

Doggone adorable cards! Love all the furry, feathered friends and am on all teams as having had them all! :( empty house at the moment and these terrific sets would help. Thanks for great ideas!

Julie L said...

You do such a great job of bringing these little characters to life!

Bonnie Lynn said...

You've created some fabulous scenes with this release! Wow!! My family is team both; as we have both a dog and a "few" cats. Thank you for all of the inspiration.

Karen B said...

I have a dog who lives to eat. These are just perfect!

JHixon said...

Your cards are miniature works of art! I have to say my favorite is the dogo staring at his food bowl. I can't stop looking!

ElizabethSmith said...

Team Dog but LOVE the feline sentiment... "We should do some "We Shouldn't be doing this Things"!

Helen said...

Wow!! You have brought these wonderful new sets to life with your amazing colouring Amy!! I love them all. I love your wonderful use of colour and fun designs.

Denise Bryant said...

Love the scenes you created with these adorable critters! They are all so sweet, but I am confessing to be firmly on team cats! Your last card is my fave with the kitty getting a boost up from his pal into the tree!

Lauryne Cunningham said...

Wow! Fabulous cards! You colored these beautifully and I love the scenes you created!

Karen P. said...

Beautiful, bright and cheery cards! I love the smooching pooches for a Father's Day card.

anni said...

Oh my! Your coloring of these scenes are absolutely gorgeous! Love every single one of your cards!

Allison Cope said...

Oh Amy! These are barkin' adorable! PURRfect in every way! I'm a kitty girl but can't resist a good pupper pet too! Thanks FUR some amazing critter cards! Love 'em all!!!!

Jennifer Swietkoski said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the card you made with the stay pawsitive set! That little hungry puppy is so sweet 🥹 they're all beautiful, but that ones my favorite.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your depictions and backgrounds you interposed. Very much appreciate your work, enthusiasm, perspective, creativity, and interpretation. Please keep inspiring us all. Love the dog bowl and background but especially love the dog on the grass. Can you tell which team I’m on?

Dee Earnshaw said...

OMG your scenes are totally adorable - LOVE the coloring on them

Sylvia said...

Your cards always blow me away! I wish I had just half of your talent! I'm team cat. :)

Sue D said...

Cute scenes! I like both dogs and cats.

Bo Gilmore said...

Hi Amy. Cats vs. Dogs. Dogs vs. Cat. It’s like children. You can play favorites. All your cards made me laugh and smile. Your ability to mix and match stamps from this whole release is impressive. I especially love the pup on the “Life is Short, Play with your dog” card. Putting him on his side in the grass perfect. Then they roll on their back and have a blast.

Shawna said...

I love your addition. It's like it should have been there in the first place

Jenny said...

Love all animals! Your coloring is AMAZING!

Laurie G said...

Love the colors, that striped wallpaper is the best….in love with furry friends!

Wendy C said...

Wow! These are beautiful! I love your style! I have 1 dog and 4 cats. I love all your cards! I think my favorite is the dog on the wood floor. Thanks for sharing these with us.

Jeannean said...

Awesome scene cards! I love both animals but am currently a cat household. I think the puppy images stole my heart, except the 2 kitties climbing the birdhouse tree! That got my funny bone!

Bonnie Lynn said...

Adorable!! They're all simply adorable and fabulously colored too. I'm definitely on team both. I'm thinking I'm going to need both the dog and cat sets.

cm said...

Your amazing colouring (and thank you for sharing the markers you used!) breathes sweet life into these adorable dog and cat images! An array of smile-making delights! Team Dog for me!

Frannie R said...

This is such a fun release. Your coloring and background scenes are incredible!

Dixie said...

Another delightful release by Anita Jeram!!! Love all the stamps and samples!!! So inspiring! Your cards are always wonderful and I love that you list the copic colors that you use since I'm a fellow Copic Colorer!

DorothyA said...

I am definitely team dog (was team cat years ago). Your cards are fantastic, as are these amazing, fun stamp sets. Thanks for the inspiration!

ccoots said...

I am a cat mom for three furry kids. I love your cards. They are beautiful.

Carmela said...

Such cute cards! I love that picnic scene with the red and white blanket!

Margery C said...

Wow, your cards are just wow! Adore the dog in the grass idea!

Melissa Rogers said...

Love all your cards Amy! With your coloring, I have to be team Dog and Cat even though I'm a dog lover! Love this new release from Anita Jeram "Our Furry Friends at Colorado Craft Company!

Tina Z. said...

This is so cute! I love your scenes.

Susanb-m said...

You are the most creative artist! Thank you for sharing these fantastic Anita Jeram CCC CARDS!