Saturday, May 27, 2023

Mermazing friends...


Hello friends!

Even though we are nearing the end of MerMay, the under-the-sea fun still continues with a brand new digital stamp release at Sweet November Stamps! Today we are introducing the Mermazing Friends collection made up of four beautiful mermaids and their special ocean pals. You actually get three separate images with each purchase, the individual mermaid, the individual sea critter and the two of them together, which makes for endless mixing and matching possibilities. In the store you will find; Naia and Flash, Masha and Bruno, Cari and Neo and Asherah and Inky.

For my first card I started with Naia and Flash printed out front and center at a fairly good size so that the two of them fill most of the scene. I tried something different for the background as I wanted to create a rock covered sea floor up in the shallows. For a first attempt I'm not hating on it but I know it will get better the more I play around with the idea. If you are interested in watching this scene being colored you can find the short Reel over on my Instagram or there is also the longer speed coloring video that can be found on the Sweet November Stamps Youtube channel.

Next, I printed out Masha and Bruno in much the same way, big and bold and right in the center. I don't know why but more often than not when I have an otter in the scene I tend to add a lot of kelp in the background. Don't ask me why, maybe I just like the idea of those cheerful critters playing hide and seek in those tall, green plants. :)

Finally, Cari and Neo are having a grand time playing in the roiling waves of the surf. They both enjoy letting themselves be tossed to and fro by the strong current until it pulls them to the surface where they can leap out of the water in an amazing display of their diving prowess. Then it's right back in the water to do it all over again.  :) 

Now be sure to check out the Friends of Sweet November Stamps group on Facebook for even more Mermazing Friends enchantment from Caitlin, Allison and Amanda. As well as our talented guest designers, Amy Gould and Jeanette Comerford. Don't forget, I will be coloring Asherah and Inky Live today at 11am PST over on my Adventures in Coloring with Amy Facebook page and I hope to see ya there!

You can also find us on Instagram @sweetnovemberstamps and don't forget to use the #sweetnovemberstamps any time you share a card or project using SN images so we can see all of your beautiful makes!